The primary goal of Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch is to find permanent and loving environments for animals in need. If you are interested in offering your home, and/or recruiting others to consider adoption, JARR would love to assist you in finding the right animal for you!


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Please contact Deassa Binstock, Manager of Adoptions and Foster Care, at for more information.

Photo by Emma K. Morris

Meet Gunner

Gunner is being fostered, but is available for immediate adoption.

In the early morning of August 24, 2014,  Gunner's world was shook apart. His family lost their housing in the Napa earthquake. A week later they dropped him off at the local shelter for emergency boarding. Eight months later, after the family decided they could not find proper housing, it was decided to get him into rescue and find him a new home.

Gunner is a smart, energetic, loyal, fun-loving, and inquisitive boy. He is house-broken and loves to be with his person/family. He is athletic and loves to go on long walks and hikes. He would do best as an only dog. Gunner is a healthy, 65 pound, 5-year-old pittie mix. 

He is such a lover and is ready to wiggle his way into your heart! He will make a lucky someone such a wonderful companion!

Photo by Emma K. Morris

Meet Scooby

Scooby is currently being fostered, but is available for immediate adoption.

Due to major life changes, Scooby was regrettably surrendered by his longtime owner. He is up-to-date on his shots and has been fixed. This cutie would do best with a calm, adult-only household. He gets along fine off-leash with other dogs once he quickly realizes that he is not an alpha! Scooby is also fine with cats. Can you provide love and shelter for this darling senior boy?

Meet Lexi

Lexi is currently being fostered, but is available for immediate adoption. 

t the age of 10, Lexi has found herself looking for a new family. When her mom's living situation changed earlier this year, she was forced to bring her to a local boarding facility. This resilient darling has been around kids of all ages and has never met a person she didn't love! She has also lived with other dogs, but as she's aged, has become more selective with her doggie partners. But don't let her age fool you — she is full of life and enjoys her daily walks very much! She's in desperate need of a foster home or, even better yet, a forever home!

Meet Vanna

Vanna is available for immediate adoption. 

Vanna is 2-3 years old and weighs a sleek 50 pounds. After more than a year in a difficult shelter system, she started to shut down. She is now doing very well in foster care, learning a new, exciting routine! She is house and crate trained. She is dog selective and doesn't want to share her home with other pets, so Vanna would need to be an only pet. She is easy to walk and would make a great running partner! She has a lot to say and will charm you with her sweet demeanor. 

Meet Lisa

Lisa is available for immediate adoption. 

Meet our 5 year old chunky monkey! Lisa and her brother Robbie came to us after their owner passed away. Overwhelmed at first, they have quickly settled into their new foster homes. Lisa enjoys the company of other dogs and is house trained. She cuddles nicely on the couch or is happy to go for a hike. This girl is on a diet and she doesn't mind the exercise. She has quite the spunky personality and would be a wonderful companion to anyone!

Meet Robbie

Robbie is available for immediate adoption. 

Robbie boy is 5 years old and came to us with his sister Lisa (above) after their owner passed away. This charmer is 25 pounds but should weigh under 20. He is house and crate trained and gets along well with other dogs. He enjoys cuddles on the couch and long walks. How can you resist his sweet face? 

Meet Charlie

Charlie is available for immediate adoption. 

Charlie is an 11-year-old social dog who is calm and loves riding in the car, walking, and being with his people. He bonds quickly with his humans. Pepperoni pizza really gets his attention, but he needs to refrain from eating it or foods of a similar nature until he regains his trim form! With his brindle coat he is a striking dog. Charlie likes meeting people and dogs. Walking him is a pleasure — he is in perfect heel position and loose leash most of the time. He's easy on the house, furnishings, and yard as well as being house broken. When he sees you, his tail wags, his body wiggles, and he does low hops. He even walks backwards sometimes! He plays short distance catch. Charlie loves to lay with you while you watch TV or just hang out. Belly rubs, neck scratches, and scalp scratches are all appreciated! It was apparent he would like his own Pet Food Express credit card ‚ when we went shopping there, he would have filled up a basket if given the chance!

Meet Betty White

Betty White is available for immediate adoption. 


Momma Dog or “Betty White” is about 8 years old and a herding breed. She is very sweet with people, including kids. She loves playing with her 4 and 6 year old human foster brothers. She is very gentle with them even when they hug her energetically. Tug is her favorite game but she also loves playing fetch with her tennis ball. She doesn’t have a lot of energy and usually gets tired after 5-6 throws (especially in this summer Napa heat!). She is also great with the other 3 dogs in her foster home. She barks a few times when new guests visit but then she warms up very quickly and will sit with her head in their laps. She also loves to lie down in the grass when her foster mom gardens. She is a great family dog! 

Meet Sprinkles

Sprinkles is available for immediate adoption. 

Sprinkles is about 3 years old and full of love. She weighs 58 pounds and has the cutest freckled butt you'll ever see ;-) Sprinkles had a rough first few of years, and due to a lot of negative training methods we think she would be best as an only pet. Sprinkles is working with a trainer and knows all her basic commands — she is house and crate trained. She enjoys cuddling on the couch and going for walks. She would make a great hiking partner, too!

Meet Otis

Otis is available for immediate adoption. 

This is a beautiful 2-year-old, 80 pound American Bulldog that is deaf. This boy is high drive. He loves his tennis ball and would make an excellent working dog. We are still getting to know him, but we know he loves people but may be too excitable for small children. With a little patience and a lot of love, he could certainly be the best of companions!

Meet Duncan

Duncan is available for immediate adoption. 

Meet our happy-go-lucky Duncan. This spry guy is about 8 years old and 15 pounds. He came into the local shelter with bad skin and ears, but a great attitude. His skin is on the mend and he is ready for his own family. He loves to go for walks, does well with dogs and kids. Cats may be a little too exciting for this guy :( He is house and crate trained but really prefers to be with his family!

Meet David

David is available for immediate adoption.

He was abandoned with his buddy Mary Jane (below). He had Glaucoma so we removed his eye. He has some arthritis, but his blood work looks good and he still has milage left in his sweet body! He just needs a comfy bed to live out his years. He has done well around all types of animals, and loves kids. He is 13 years old and a larger boy around 70 pounds. 

Meet Baby

Baby is available for immediate adoption.

The cutest little baby face! In her world, a great day consists of a comfy spot to lounge and take in all that’s in her surroundings. Having some strategic pets and scratches as well as some “salon time” grooming and lap time adds to her bliss. If you enjoy a good kitty conversation, she's all ears…and lots of luxurious fur! Other cats don’t ruffle her fur and nice doggies might be alright with her with patience and time.

Meet Maya

Maya is available for immediate adoption. This is a courtesy post.

Maya is a 7-year-old female Shepard/Cattle Dog mix. She is a very happy and lovable dog. She loves to be inside with her family and will give constant affection to whoever is around. Maya loves to be outdoors, running around and playing. She enjoys going on walks, hikes, and going into lakes and ponds. Even though she is 7, she still has plenty of energy! Maya is looking for a forever home that is in need of a companion, and would make the perfect travel partner. We believe she would be best as an only dog and no cats or young children. Maya is crate trained, house trained, good in the car, spayed, vaccines are current, she's been well cared for, and is a decent leash walker. If interested, please contact David at

Meet Bubba

Bubba is available for immediate adoption. 

Bubba is one tough hombre...okay, gato. He's 9 years old and on thyroid medications. He loves manly things like sleeping in the sunshine, sleeping in his special box, and sauntering across his vast terrain to sleep in the shade. At any given moment this boy will spring into action, moving straight toward the food bowl, a cool breeze, or some cat treats. He likes the easy and calm life, and could handle a little of the great outdoors if it is safe. His motto is: sleep whenever possible, eat whenever you are given food, be amenable to a scratch under the chin, and be sure to bring calm to your surroundings.

Meet Dove

Dove is available for immediate adoption. 

Dove is a special kitten with a unique look. She was rescued from a group of ferals along a creek in Yountville. This 4-month-old cutie has been receiving lots of TLC in foster care. We've learned that little Dove enjoys other cats and kittens, but will also entertain herself with toys, a place to scamper, and a view of the outdoors. She loves sleeping on fluffy blankets and will sneak into bed at night if you'll allow it. Once she's in your arms, her purr will let you know she is there to stay!

Meet Cowboy

Cowboy is available for immediate adoption. 

Cowboy found himself homeless when his family lost their home. We first met Cowboy in the spring when we helped the family fix Cowboy's mom, dad and three half sisters whom we found homes for. But this kind soul never found his place. When we got the call that Cowboy was two hours away from going to the Solano Shelter, we went into emergency mode. A foster stepped up and Cowboy has gone from a backyard dog to being his foster's shadow. He has lived with big and small dogs. He has lived with young children. He is crate-trained, and we are working on the house training. He rides nicely in the car. He is a solid 75 pounds and still a clumsy pup. He's sure to be your best friend!  

Meet Dolly

Dolly is available for immediate adoption. 

Dolly is a petite girl and around two years old. We pulled her from the shelter after she raised her kittens and they were all adopted. Shelter life wasn't for her, and she is enjoying her freedom! She loves attention and will follow you around. She is coexisting with other cats, but she would likely be very happy without them! Now she's just looking for YOU!

Meet Victory

Victory is available for immediate adoption. 

This sweet one's previous family did not come to look for him, and shelter life was very stressful for her. Now that Victory is able to roam free and soak up some sunshine, he is just waiting for the right one to whisk he off to her forever home sweet home. He's a young 9-year-old gentle soul who would flourish with the love, security, and maybe some space to explore and quench her feline curiosity. This guy is hyperthyroidic so will need daily medication, but luckily he's easy to pill. Other cats are not a problem, calm dogs may be alright too, but a quiet ambiance is best for him. Looking for a calm, noble, presence with gratitude and love? V is for Victory!

Meet Wildflower

Wildflower is available for immediate adoption. 

Wildflower came to us when she started showing up at a local winery with a limp. It was quickly learned that this young lady was very friendly and hungry. Her limp was caused by an a old fracture that had healed in her elbow and she wasn't using her leg. She is now a tripod kitty and enjoying life in foster! She is around two years old and a petite gal. This sweet kitty could live happily with dogs and other cats. 

Meet Midnight

Midnight is available for immediate adoption. 

This gal is looking for just the right quiet home to settle into and enjoy some good old-fashioned R&R. After being left behind with my two other kitty pals, Midnight was brought into the JARR Family to learn to trust again and wait for a new home. She's a gentle kitty and just a bit shy, but oh how she loves to soak up the sunshine and enjoy some scratches and a few soothing words. She's fine with other animals too. Midnight is about 13 years young and weighs 12 pounds. 

Meet Tony

Tony is available for immediate adoption. 

Tony the Tiger is a 7-year-old charmer. This playful lad will keep you entertained with his silly antics. He used to roam the streets of a quiet neighborhood during the day and would show up in the evening for his dinner and cuddle time in bed. He has been around cats, dogs and kids and would be the perfect lively addition to any loving family!

Meet Peaches

Peaches is available for immediate adoption. 

Peaches is a beautiful female ginger girl. She is an independent kitty with lots of personality and loves adventures. She gets along with other cats but will need slow intros with dogs. She isn't afraid of them, but will need to learn her doggy manners! She would be a great indoor/outdoor cat and mouser. We believe she is no more than 18 months of age. 

Meet Mimi

Mimi is available for immediate adoption. 

Mimi epitomizes grace and the simple pleasures in life. She was one of three kitties left behind when her owners moved on. She's a “Grand Dame” in the golden years of her life, and it is golden indeed. This girl loves to relax and nap...everyone should have such a simple life don’t you think? At 18 years old, she deserves to retire in comfort. She is newly diagnosed with beginning kidney disease. Her medical care will be covered by JARR if adopted! She deserves the best.

Meet Metalicat

Metalicat is available for immediate adoption. 

Despite the rock and roll-ish name, this boy has a heart of pure gold! He's about 8 years old and has lived most of his life with one person who left him behind :( Metalicat moves leisurely around his sanctuary, checking out the various places to stretch out and relish the moment! He can be a little timid at first, but with the right measure of soothing words and pets, he can be coaxed onto your lap. Bonus: other calm pets are not a problem for this sweet boy!

Meet Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is available for immediate adoption. 

The emphasis is on QUEEN! Not only is she a queen, she’s an intrepid survivor. After waiting almost a year for a home, this sweet 8-year-old is enjoying her fresh start with JARR. Dairy Queen has seized the moment with her new name, and a spacious sanctuary where she lounges while she waits for a home. She's comical at times, but mostly just irresistible! Traits of importance include: gregarious, engaging, leisurely, loyal, ridiculous, one of a kind, content, extremely likable.

Meet Rocco

Rocco is available for immediate adoption.

Rocco is a little rascal. He is a confident little guy that came to us by way of a feral colony. He has learned that people equal food and he has a hearty appetite! He will probably want to be an indoor/outdoor cat as he gets older, and may be a good mouser! He is about 9 weeks old. 

Meet Maggie & Sophie

Maggie & Sophie are available for immediate adoption. 

Maggie and Sophie came to us from Benicia when their owner passed away. A family member took them in then decided to give them away at garage sale. Luckily they ended up with a very caring citizen that got the family to surrender them so they could go to rescue. These sweeties are dog and cat friendly. Maggie is 14 and weighs about 5 pounds. Sophie is 8 years old and weighs 7 pounds. They love to cuddle and are happy to ride around snuggled in a baby bjorn! House trained and ready to find someone to love them for the rest of their years. They must be adopted together as they are very bonded!

Meet Noir

Noir is available for immediate adoption.

Noir is about 7-8 months old. She came to us with a few siblings and was set to become a vineyard cat. The staff discovered she wanted to be around people and enjoyed attention too much for that life! She is a little reserved but her confidence builds day by day and she enjoys other cats and loves to snuggle and purr! She can live with dogs and cats. 

Meet Fume

Fume is available for immediate adoption.

Fume is around 7-8 months old. She came to us as a stray that was to be released as a mouser in a vineyard. It was quickly discovered by the staff that she wanted more out of life. She likes to snuggle and purr. She is a little reserved but comes out of her shell more and more every day. This beauty can live with cats and dogs!

Meet Kuma

Kuma is available for immediate adoption. This is a courtesy post.

Please meet the ever-soulful Kuma.  This is a courtesy post for some good friends in San Francisco who are always helping out senior dogs in need. Kuma's dad had multiple heart surgeries which has put him in debt and needs to move back to the Philippines so he can afford to have another surgery. He has entrusted Kuma to some good friends to watch over him until he finds a new loving forever family. Dogs don't come any better than Kuma. He is dog-friendly and his best friend was a tiny Chihuahua who has already found a new home. Kuma is very obedient (his list of commands is extensive), house trained, crate trained (but doesn't need to be crated). He does well with big and small dogs. He has no known history with cats so we aren't sure of his thoughts on cats just yet! Kuma is a big cuddle bug and is happy to be a couch potato or lay at your feet while you work on the computer. He also enjoys relaxing in the sunshine like a true California boy. He was recently spotted walking through Golden Gate Park on a pack walk with a bunch of his senior pals. Please contact if interested in this sweet guy.


Meet Brody

Brody is being fostered, but is available for immediate adoption.


This handsome 3-year-old Chocolate lab is all love! Brody is located in the Napa Valley. Though he’s not a fan of cats, he gets along swimmingly with other doggies. He's also has been around small children and is fond of them! He fashions himself as a vineyard dog and will happily go on errands in the car with you. What a buddy he could be :) We believe a perfect home for Brody would be a family or person that has time to spend with him, as he is a sweetheart but will need some training. If you are interested in learning more about this fella, please text Monica at 707.815.8153 email at

Meet Joey

Joey is available for immediate adoption. This is a courtesy post.

Joey is a 3-year-old male Chihuahua. He is neutered and house trained. Joey loves to curl up under the covers and snuggle with his people! Joey was displaced during the 2016 Lake County Fire and needs to be re-homed ASAP with a loving companion. Joey loves his walks, is a great traveler, excellent off-leash, does not need to be crated, and obeys commands. Joey is an adorable, sweet boy! Please contact Maria at for more info!

Meet Valentine

Valentine is available for immediate adoption. This is a courtesy post.

Valentine is an 8-year-old, female Siberian Husky. She is spayed and up-to-date on all shots. Due to tragic circumstances, Valentine was displaced from the 2015 Lake County Fire. Valentine is sweet and mellow, and needs a loving companion who will cherish her! Not highly active, but loves walks in nature AND snuggles! Valentine is beautiful and has a quiet and sweet personality. Please contact Maria at for more info!