Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch (JARR) has a wonderful program called “Fospice” (combination of Foster and Hospice). Our program encompasses caring for animals — companion and domestic — that have terminal illnesses or medical needs that may be too overwhelming for someone to consider a normal adoption.

These pets get dropped off at shelters often, just because of their age. They are sad, scared, and confused about their fate. Our goal is to make them happy, give them the dignity they deserve, and make their last days their finest. 

JARR engages foster parents that provide palliative care and a safe, loving home for the remainder of their lives. We cover the medical costs and offer support and guidance to the foster parents.  

Meet Hank

One of our favorite boys, and Fospice program firsts. Though we lost our beloved Hank to cancer, the end of his life was perhaps his happiest thanks to his two incredible Fospice moms — Kimberly and Kristi. When we rescued him, Hank was 11 years old and we were told he’d be with us for 3 months. He had an inoperable malignant tumor the size of watermelon on his shoulder, and was placed into our Fospice program where we pledged to do everything we could to keep Hank comfortable until the very end. Hank is the reason we do what we do. RIP, Hank!

We have been asked by many supporters about their desire to either sponsor a fospice animal, or donate to our overall fospice program. What a great idea! If you’d like to donate specifically to the Fospice Program, please click here and be sure to type the words “Fospice Program” within the NOTES field. These donations will be earmarked for our Fospice Care animals allowing JARR’s efforts to continue for this heartfelt, meaningful program. Please contact Deassa Binstock at for more information.

“I have sometimes thought of the final cause of dogs having such short lives and I am quite satisfied it is in compassion to the human race; for if we suffer so much in losing a dog after an acquaintance of ten or twelve years, what would it be if they were to live double that time?”

–Sir Walter Scott

Special Needs Animal Program (SNAP)

Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch (JARR) has a special population of dogs and cats that are worthy of love, care, and a happy existence, but due to their age or dire health issues are not likely to be permanently adopted. These animals are our seniors, special needs, and Fospice guys. JARR is deeply committed to ensuring these animals have the best life possible.  

As you can imagine, keeping these animals comfortable with the right families and medical care is a big undertaking and requires extensive human and financial commitments. JARR works very hard to find appropriate families for these animals and assumes all financial responsibility for their care through our JARR  SNAP program.

We have established SNAP to not only care for the animals, but to also connect people with our Special Needs Animals by way of sponsorship. Sponsorships enable us to provide this unique care and insures these special animals have a great life until they cross the rainbow bridge. Truly a cherished and noble cause. This is an elite group of animals and their sponsorship is so vital to the success of the program. Sponsorship begins at $2,000.

Sponsors receive unique experiences. We connect sponsors, virtually, to the sponsored animal. We will send sponsors a photo and an update. If sponsors wish to be notified of their sponsored animals' status on a regular basis, we are happy to do that as well. We can possibly arrange a visit if sponsors would like to meet their beneficiary. To show our appreciation we will send sponsors a JARR Rescue Squad T-Shirt, Custom (silhouette of the animal you are sponsoring) Tote Tails reusable shopping bag, a framed photo of your sponsored animal, and Certificate of Sponsorship.  

Please contact Monica Stevens at to see a list and photos with current sponsor-able animals and/or to begin your sponsorship today.  

Forever Foster

This JARR program allows senior citizens, identified through our Meals on Wheels partner, to foster senior animals. Donors, seniors, and JARR come together to create an amazing experience for the animals. Donors’ support allows JARR to cover the costs of the food, vet bills, and other pet needs so seniors on limited incomes have the ability to truly nurture and enjoy the animals in their care. Thank you to our senior foster families and to the donors that make this program possible!

Shirley was retired and living alone until she heard about JARR's Forever Foster program. We spend time talking with senior citizens to make the perfect fit between a pet companion and a senior citizen. When we talked with Shirley, it was clear she was looking for an older cat that would be happy to sit on her lap and just be loved all day. We happened to have a senior cat in foster that was looking for his forever companion, too. Shirley and her 13-year-old Angel have been best friends since day one and calls him her ”Baby Angel." Shirley used to pass the time by smoking and now her neighbors say they never see Shirley smoking, because all she wants to do is be with her Baby Angel. This makes us smile! Do you know a senior that would benefit from a pet companion to enrich their life? Please contact Deassa Binstock at for more information.