America’s Top 13 Charity Wine Auctions Raised $42.7 Million in Live-Auction Bids in 2018

Tuesday March 5th, 2019
Leading charity wine auctions in 2018 raised money for worthy causes, from needy children to wildfire victims to health care

"WineaPawlooza, in a category of its own, focused on benefiting animals. "We are grateful to our spectacular Napa Valley wine community, wine enthusiasts and collectors from around the country who come together to support [Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch]'s mission of animal advocacy," said cofounder and CEO Monica Stevens."


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No-Kill, Non-Profit, All Hero Sanctuary: Meet Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch

Saturday January 19th, 2019

Located in Napa Valley, California just north of San Francisco, is the Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch, also called JARR. Monica and David Stevens founded the animal sanctuary in 2014. With hundreds of volunteers and a staff of 18, they’re a no-kill, non-profit animal sanctuary for domestic and farmed animals.

Finding homes for dogs and cats–and re-homing the occasional pig–is just the tip of the iceberg for this rescue ranch. JARR offers outreach programs to help seniors who need help caring for pets. Their outreach programs also provide services to low-income families who can’t afford spaying or neutering. Additionally, they re-home animals when their owners pass away or get too sick to give care. And the good work they do doesn’t stop there, either.


North Bay group offers free pet food to workers impacted by government shutdown

Saturday January 19th, 2019

NAPA, Calif. (KGO) --

An animal rescue in the North Bay is offering free pet food to pet owners who work for the federal government but are not getting paid.

Napa-based Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch (JARR) says it will provide food for any kind of pet including dogs, cats, fish and even horses. The non-profit rescue says it can ship the pet food to those in need.

People who would like to receive the pet food have to apply. They have to live in Northern California and submit a picture of their federal ID, and a piece of mail or business card with their application.

To apply, contact JARR's Community Resource Information Center at 707-927-3536 or email


In Napa, Christmas photos with Santa are for pets, too

Tuesday December 18th, 2018

Family members posing for a picture with Santa Claus are a staple of Christmas season, and one such photo shoot Sunday in Napa was no different – except these family members had fur and four legs.

Bel Aire Plaza hosted a three-hour session to capture holiday mementos of dogs, cats and their human companions in a distinctive spin on the familiar snapshots of small children on Saint Nick’s lap. The event was a fundraiser for the Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch’s no-kill rescue and sanctuary program – as well as a way for Napans to show affection for pets they treat almost as closely as kin.

“They’re just as much my babies as my Ryan is, and I’d rather hang out with pets all day than people,” said Kylie Kirkpatrick as her furry and human family – son Ryan, 9, and their year-old basset hound Rose and Maltese-poodle mix Rocco – took their places around Santa and Mrs. Claus around a backdrop of decked trees and wrapped presents.

A joint effort of JARR, Bel Aire and the Heritage Eats restaurant, the furry holiday photo shoot took place on the same patio that had hosted a traditional kids-with-Kriss Kringle gathering the day before.

The screeching or sobbing of frightened toddlers at the sight of an unfamiliar bearded man might have been absent, but this version of a photo shoot carried its own challenges. “They’re overexcited,” admitted Susan Needleman, a JARR volunteer and the event photographer. “There’s a lot going on in every direction, so just getting them to sit still is a challenge. We just try to give them a minute or so to hopefully calm down.”

As Needleman prepared to press the shutter button for each portrait, an assistant stood to her left, each hand holding aloft a ball- or bone-shaped squeak toy – its noise, with luck, capturing a dog’s attention for a few seconds before it yanked at its leash or spun dervish-like completely out of the frame.

Some lap dogs or house cats curled peacefully in the lap of an owner or Mrs. Claus, dutifully posing for the camera. On the other hand, Dodger, a 4-year-old dark-furred poodle mix, lasted 30 seconds before dashing off the studio, his leash knocking down a velvet rope.

“He’s super crazy; he’s always been a little crazy,” admitted Dodger’s owner Shelby Higginbotham after she apologized profusely to some volunteers. “My boyfriend saw this event in the paper and thought it would be a good idea. We were thinking we could give him the benefit of the doubt,” she added, laughing.

Just outside the patio, another woman waited her turn with more confidence, even remembering her canine’s rambunctious youth.

“He’s OK – he plays well with other dogs,” Wahu Oseso of Napa said of her 2-year-old golden retriever Bentley.

Oseso’s four children all had posed with Saint Nick in their younger years, but she was ready to make room for a kid photo of another sort. “I think it’ll be a surprise for them,” she said with a laugh.

For other pet owners, Sunday was a time to capture memories of a bond as well as a season.

Trudee Lewis arrived for the photo session with what appeared to be a nylon bag, but the pulling of a zipper revealed Declan – the cat she had rescued through JARR just three weeks earlier. After Declan’s turn before the camera in Mrs. Claus’s gloved hands, his owner expressed a sentiment that could have been born of years rather than days of companionship.

“He walked right up to me and purred and said, ‘Here I am,’” Lewis said.

Napa Valley Ballet Academy collaborates with local animal rescue

Wednesday December 12th, 2018

Collaborating with the Napa Valley Ballet Academy, Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch (JARR) will bring some of its adoptable dogs to the NVBA’s performance of a Christmas classic, “The Nutcracker.”

The holiday classic debuts at 4 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 9, at the NVUSD District Auditorium, 2425 Jefferson St. in Napa.

“When children are better educated around issues concerning animals our whole community benefits,” said Monica Stevens, co-founder of JARR. “Children and animals naturally go together and we couldn’t be happier to collaborate with the Napa Valley Ballet.”

Marcella Contessi-Smith, artistic director of Contessi Ballet, and founder of the North Bay Performing Arts Center is directing this joint performance with NVBA. This performance will mark her first steps into retirement at the age of 90. Smith has been dancing for more than 70 years.

“Napa Valley Ballet is proud to work with other nonprofits in the region,” said Christopher Ott, chairman of Napa Valley Ballet, “We take very seriously the development of whole human beings in our program. Working with other organizations such as Contessi and Jameson models clearly the connectivity of the world and underscores the fact that dance training is life training.”



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