"Thank you so much for the help. I am at a loss for words. I can never express my gratitude enough for this."
—Courtney Timm and Kipp

" Thank you so much for your help! Lilly is a pretty special dog.  We are so grateful and Lily is such an awesome little dog! We love her! She is doing really well, finally!"
—Karen Delivert and 'Lily'


"Thank you so much, there are so many kittens that THANKS TO YOUR ORGANIZATION were spayed and neutered and found a wonderful homes!"

"Thank you for saving my boy may your path be filled with the love you share with us all."
—Justin Sloan

Meet Annie

Annie was successfully adopted and happy in her new home!

"Annie has brought me much joy and companionship. I have watched her character change since I first brought her home from sadness and sleeping, to contentment, love, and joy in her face and so much ENERGY to go along with it! I can't imagine the loneliness I would feel if she wasn't in my life."


Meet Dave

Dave was successfully adopted and happy in his new home!

Thanks to the patience and love of  Dave's foster Mom, Kimberly, Dave has found the perfect home with a loving family near San Luis Obispo. Dave also has a new sister named Kadie! We are so happy for everyone involved, especially this sweet, gentle dog, who adores swimming and long car rides.

Meet Buster Posey

Buster Posey was successfully adopted and happy in his new home!

Back in November of 2014, on a cold fall night, fellow animal lovers found Buster Posey (aka Sweetie Pie), emaciated and hobbling. They called Monica and David, who immediately picked him up and brought him home to their warm home. There, he was showered with love, affection, and plenty of food! Upon further examination by  Dr. Sally Kimsey and a surgeon, they discovered this boy's back legs had been hit and his pelvis fractured three months prior. It was decided that re-breaking and resetting the legs would not be in his best interest.

Fast forward to February of 2015, after some physical therapy, he is now able to jump up and down, climb and run! Buster Posey scored big time being adopted by a dear friend and San Francisco Giants fan, Alicia, who calls Calistoga home. Buster Posey shares his new home with a one-eyed Shitzu! Congratulations Buster Posey and Alicia.

Meet Riley

Riley was successfully adopted and happy in his new home!

"Riley's love is so genuinely unconditional and altruistic. He is an uncomplicated being; he's loyal, affectionate, balanced, patient, trusting, playful and humble. Riley is a constant reminder of the person I strive to be. "


Meet Belle

Belle was successfully adopted and happy in her new home!

"Most people say that adopting a pet is saving a life. I believe that adopting Belle saved me. I had just lost my beloved 16-year-old Shih Tzu, Poochie, and was beside myself with grief. After fostering Belle for one day, I was convinced that Poochie sent her to me. She has been such a delight in so many ways. Thank you to Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch for the opportunity to foster, and for helping me find my Belle!" 

Meet Clumsy

Clumsy was successfully adopted and happy in her new home!

"We are so happy to have adopted our three kittens, including Clumsy! They're like a little family within our family and we simply had no idea how much joy they would bring. They were already litter-trained when they came home with us, and they've always been extremely playful and curious about other animals and children. We were thrilled to find that our adoption fee covered all their initial health procedures and we couldn't be happier with the experience! Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch is a wonderful organization, both for the animals it saves, and the families lucky enough to gain new members!"

Meet Ra

Ra was successfully adopted and happy in her new home!

"We are so happy to have adopted our three kittens! They're like a little family within our family and we simply had no idea how much joy they would bring. They were already litter trained when they came home with us, and they've always been extremely playful and curious about other animals & children. We were thrilled to find that our adoption fee covered all their initial health procedures and we couldn't be happier with the experience! Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch is a wonderful organization, both for the animals it saves, and the families lucky enough to gain new members!"


Meet Barney

Barney was successfully adopted and happy in his new home!

This 10-year-old, 90-pound, gentle boy was adopted into a new amazing and loving home in Napa. Barney will spend his time being loved by his new family and playmates, Stanley (13-year-old lab/pit mix), Daisy (10-year-old pit mix), and Hank (5-month-old pit pup). Every animal deserves a second chance and we're so thrilled Barney got his! Thank you to the Lloyd Family for seeing beyond Barney's age and giving him the home he deserves!

Meet Toby

Toby was successfully adopted and happy in his new home!

JARR responded to a call from a United States was veteran who, because of personal circumstances, needed to give Toby up. It was heartbreaking for the Veteran to let Toby go as he was his beloved companion. We promised him we would find Toby the best home and we did! This 2.5 year old, 20-pound get-along kinda guy now has two loving parents and a sister, Mona, the Rottie!

Meet Ozzy

Ozzy was successfully adopted and happy in his new home!

"I moved from Southern California to the Napa area just four months ago. Prior to moving, my girl Mollee and I lost our dog, Jesse. We’ve been very sad and wanted to find another sweet dog to bring into our family.

Having worked in dog rescue down South for more than eight years, we would only consider a rescue pup! Through a friend, I attended a JARR general informational meeting in March — Monica and her staff were so welcoming and I couldn’t wait to get involved AND have them help me find another buddy!

Ozzy was found in a field in Vacaville — he apparently had been running around alone for some time and a good Samaritan fed him but couldn’t keep him, so she contacted JARR. I first met him at the grooming salon, he was so matted, he had to be shaved down and had other medical issues. Even so, I fell in love with him at first sight. I think Ozzy is the sweetest boy I’ve ever met, and we are so blessed to have him in our lives. I feel a part of Jesse’s soul is with us through Ozzy. We love him so much!"

Meet Maxwell

Maxwell was successfully adopted and happy in his new home!

Maxwell, a 3-year-old American Bulldog with a gorgeous gray and white coat, is incredibly loving with people, dogs, AND cats! His foster parents Dave and Jeanine recognized that right away...in fact, they couldn't say a single bad thing about him. Which is when they realized that his forever home was with them! We love this story that touched his foster dad's heart prior to deciding to adopt him: “Yesterday when one of our cats was drinking out of the water bowl, Maxwell came up behind him and waited patiently for the cat to be through drinking before he got a drink. That’s pretty amazing in my book.” This gentle giant is such a happy and lucky boy! We're so thankful to Dave and Jeanine for opening their home and hearts to Maxwell. 

Meet Reggie

Reggie was successfully adopted and happy in his new home!

Reggie, a 3-year old Boston Terrier, had been searching for his forever home after his owner solicited JARR’s help to re-home him.

Enter Patrick and Jill (a 2-year-old Boston Terrier). He was looking for another Boston Terrier as a companion for both him and his little girl. Shortly after application and home approval, Patrick and Jill met Reggie, and this match made in heaven was adopted on May 16 of 2015!

Here are some words from Patrick:

“Reggie is an exceptional dog.  I’ve trained him to sit and wait until Jill enters the house before he does. He’s very protective of the house already, which I really like. He’s walking like a pure gentleman on the leash. Jill is warming up to him, I see her sneak kisses with him, so eventually I’m sure she’ll be grooming him like she did our last dog! He waits to go potty just like Jill when we are on a walk, and has quickly learned to how navigate the doggie door. He sleeps on the chair and will not get in the bed when Jill is there.  I can’t wait to start playing ball with him in the park, I couldn’t be happier!”

Meet Jules

Jules was successfully adopted and happy in his new home!

Vernon was retired and living alone until he met Jules. He says he was very lonely and doesn't know what he would have done if he wouldn't have heard about JARR's Senior Forever Foster program. You can find Jules and Vernon walking around the neighborhood each day. Vernon makes it a habit to tell everyone he knows how much joy Jules has brought into his life. You will never see Vernon without his little Jules! We couldn't be happier for these two.


Meet Angel

Angel was successfully adopted and happy in his new home!

Shirley was retired and living alone until she heard about JARR's Senior Forever Foster program. JARR spends time talking with senior citizens to make the perfect fit between a pet companion and a senior citizen. When we talked with Shirley, it was clear she was looking for an older cat that would be very happy to sit on her lap and just be loved all day. We happened to have a senior cat in foster that was looking for his forever companion, too. Shirley and her 13-year-old Angel have been best friends since day one and calls him her ”Baby Angel." Shirley used to pass the time by smoking and now her neighbors say they never see Shirley smoking, because all she wants to do is be with her Baby Angel. This makes us smile! Do you know a senior that would benefit from a pet companion to enrich their life?

Meet Bear

Bear was successfully adopted and happy in his new home!

In February, Bear lost his human to terminal cancer. JARR was asked to find Bear, an 8-year-old Chihuahua, a great forever home. We looked long and hard for the perfect match for Bear and in May,  Bear met Ron. Ron came to us through Vernon (see Jules, above), who knew that Ron was a very lonely, retired man and had just the idea for him: BEAR! Ron hadn't had a pet since he was a small boy, but remembered how much joy his dog brought him when he was young. He was so excited, but was a bit worried Bear wouldn't like him. When Ron took him out for his first walk, Ron called the dog by his name Bear and his new pet companion jumped into his arms. It was a match! We ask, Who Rescued Who? 

Meet Nicky

Nicky was successfully adopted and happy in his new home!

‎Nicky has found his forever home, which he shares with his Shibu Inu brother, Cooper. We understand this once shy guy is truly blossoming! His former owners had to surrender him because they had too many dogs, so we're so thankful to new forever-parents for showing their unconditional love! Nicky is such a sweet puppy that will continue to blossom in his forever home. Thanks Oliver and Thomas!

Meet Theo

Theo was successfully adopted and happy in his new home!

Theo has found his forever home and we're thrilled he's found such a loving family in Connie, Erin, and their son Logan. Logan plays with him every day and showers him with affection! Theo's family is very active and loves to take him on all of their exciting family excursions. Congratulations, Theo! What a great fit.

Meet Ace & Scout

Ace & Scout were successfully adopted and happy in their new home!

Ace and his brother Scout are rambunctious little cuties that love to climb, explore, and purr! Both boys have such sparkling demeanors that they caught the eye of Mill Valley-based animals lovers Andy Mercy and his wife — they decided to adopt both kittens on the spot at WineaPAWlooza! We're so very thankful that these brothers could stick together for life, and that they ended up in such a loving forever home.

Meet Abbey & Buster

Abbey & Buster were successfully adopted and happy in their new home!

We are thrilled to announce that Abbey and Buster (formerly Leven) have found nirvana with their new forever home in St. Helena! "Mom" Judi exclaims, "It gets easier every day! They are so good and it is quite funny with four dogs in one bedroom every night!!" For Labs, nirvana is lots of human attention, love, hugs, kisses, food, treats, and more food! They sure hit the jackpot with their new family. Thank you Judi and your lovely family for providing them the forever home they richly deserve and we were praying for. Oh Happy Day! And a shout-out & thanks to amazing foster mom, Kelly Macleod, who gave these two pups so much love in the interim. Her love and adoration certainly was a prelude to their forever home!

Meet Stella

Stella was successfully adopted and happy in her new home!

Stella has quite a story. This sweet little girl was found in downtown LA after just being hit by a car in the early morning hours. She was covered in fleas and ticks, very scared, and in pain. But Stella is very resilient and after a trip to the vet and the groomers, she showed now longterm injuries and healed up fast! Stella's personality started to shine through within a week. This once lethargic and fearful doggie quickly became a very loving, energetic, and sweet girl thanks to the temporary love and care of her rescuer. She loves belly scratches and walks! One of our fantastic JARR volunteers, Mark, recently drove to Los Angeles to pick Stella up and take her to the Napa Valley! We are SO happy to announce that this adorable girl has found the forever home she SO deserves with Karyn & Doug Williams, their 9-year-old son Kane, and their 3-year-old kitty.

Meet Alph-E

Alph-E was successfully adopted and happy in his new home!

Alph-E is an 8-year-old Min Pin that still has lots of pep in his step! His original owner was unable to keep him due to a family situation that involved leaving the state so they reached out to JARR for help. Though this little pup originally seemed standoffish toward other dogs and humans he didn't know, he's cozied right up with his new parents! Lucky Alph-E made an amazing fit for Adam & Lisa, who were looking for a well-mannered, devoted companion. Pound-for-pound you will never find a better or more affectionate cuddler! We're so happy he's found his forever home!

Meet Cesar

Cesar was successfully adopted and in his new home!

Cesar is a very affectionate 7-year-old Terrier/Maltese mix who just found his forever home with Cindy and Walt! His new owners say, "He is so well behaved and has wonderful manners. He is playful and snuggly, he is everything we wanted in a dog." We are ecstatic that this get-along guy has found such caring and wonderful new parents!

Meet Chyna

Chyna was successfully adopted and in her new home!

Chyna is full is character and looks like she's wearing crooked bangs on her forehead! She LOVES to play — she will play all day and sleep all night. She gets along with everybody, especially her new forever parents, Jorge & Kristina Adame, who live in Napa!

Meet Annie

Annie was successfully adopted and is happy in her new home!

Annie is a 50-pound one-year-old female German Shepherd. She was left in the dropbox at a shelter, and became increasingly nervous and insecure while there. Annie loves people and kids. She is so blessed to have been fostered by our dear friend Karen Parks, who truly understands the needs of the GS breed. Annie found her forever home is her new humans, Matt and Peggy. They are able to provide both physical and mental exercise along with consistency, boundaries, and time to invest and plenty of love to give! So happy for this sweet gal.

Meet Otis

Otis was successfully adopted and in his new home!

"We are very happy with our decision! Otis and our other dog, Jett are best friends and of course he's our best friend too! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to become foster parents! I originally wanted to become a foster home because in hopes of helping the community through keeping dogs out of shelters and helping to save their lives, and maybe even to relieve a little stress with all your rescue efforts that were happening because of the Valley Fire. But then it turned out Otis helped us and has made our lives better! Funny how things just work out sometimes!" Thank you Nicole, for first fostering and now giving Otis the forever home he's always deserved!

Meet Buddy

Buddy was successfully adopted and in his new home!

"On June 23, 2015 we scheduled an appointment for a rescued German Shepherd to come in for an assessment to see if we could help this boy get adopted. We were hesitant to let him come for our program because we were under the impression he was not comfortable with new people/surroundings. After some long thought, we planned out a very special assessment for this boy in hopes that we would be setting him up for success and he would be welcomed into our program.

When Buddy checked into Dairydell Canine, that silly, smiling dog with the goofy ears ran straight into the office and immediately jumped up on my desk to say "good morning!" It was one of those movie moments — I knew Buddy was the piece of my life I had been missing. He spent the next two weeks at Dairydell, and every day I made a point of spending time with him in his room, cuddling and spoiling him. At the end of his training, the need of a foster was mentioned....it's been three months and he has not left my side. His other new buddies in life are Zip (the horse), Lucy (the Beagle Terrier) and Alli (the Black Lab). Thank you JARR for bringing this light into my life. He is an incredible soulmate dog and I couldn't imagine life without my new shadow!"

 Photo by  Emma K. Morris

Meet Primo

Primo was successfully adopted and in his new home!

The primary goal of JARR is to find permanent and loving environments for animals in need. We rescued Primo, a 2-year-old German Shorthair Pointer/Lab/Pittie mix, from a shelter in February. He was very thin, having lost a considerable amount of weight in the shelter since his arrival in October 2014, and was deemed to be a non-adoptable dog. When JARR’s executive director, Monica Stevens, met him, she saw in his eyes a very defeated soul. He was lacking confidence and purpose – and she wanted to help him. After weeks of working with a very gentle trainer, Primo was found to be extremely fearful of the outside world, however, the trainer said he would make a very good companion for a household that was quiet and nurturing. Gratefully, we had the perfect foster home for Primo. After five months in a quiet, confidence-building foster home, Primo was successfully adopted in September by  a very loving family in Napa. HAPPY DANCE! This is what we strive for with each and every animal that comes into our program. Patience and Perseverance, it’s the least we can do for them.

Meet Kane

Kane was successfully adopted and in his new home!

Last year we were contacted by a family member about their Mom's doggie Kane. Their Mom, unfortunately, had passed away, and they needed to re-home Kane. To know Kane is to love Kane. Kane is great with children and other dogs and so he was easy to place in foster. Kane thrived in his foster family's home. — thanks to foster mom Nicole Roth and her wonderful family for getting Kane strong and healthy and ready for his new life with his forever Dad...Richard! A retired, decorated Air Force veteran who suffers from PTSD living locally, Richard could not wait to meet Kane and felt it would be a match made in heaven. Well...we are happy to report, it is! They are enjoying each others companionship, immensely.

Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch has a BIG soft spot for our United States Veterans and waives all adoption fees. The way we look at it, its the VERY least we can do. Richard put his life on the line to protect us and keep our country safe...we unite him with a canine companion to help and protect him. With pleasure. Kane and Richard, we are so thrilled for you both. May you have many great walks and car rides together.

Meet Lucy

Lucy was successfully adopted and in her new home!

Our sweet piglet, Lucy has found a home! A wonderful farmed animal sanctuary in Grass Valley, Animal Place has offered to give Lucy a home with them, and we are hoping she may even find love with one of their pigs, Bert, who is looking for a mate.

Lucy was abandoned alone in a field when she was one week old by her mom and the ranchers who “owned” her. A kind woman rescued her and took care of her until JARR stepped in to help find Lucy a foster home. Our good friend, Erica Rushing at Flat Broke Farm Animal Rescue has been looking after Lucy until we could find her a great home. Lucy could grow up to 400 pounds, so we are happy she has found the perfect place to live her life with lots of treats and belly rubs!