With the ultimate goal of keeping responsible pet owners/families and their pets together, Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch (JARR) administers funds (via application process) to assist Napa County residents and their pets with the following needs and expenses:

1. Food;

2. Needed emergency medical attention and care;

3. Behaviorist in cases where animal behavior warrants it;

4. Landlord-required pet deposit;

5. Spay/neuter.

As we value the family unit staying together, JARR believes these proactive and preventative measures go a long way. Tearing animals away from their families is painful on all involved, so we strive to keep pets together with their loving owners!


For an application, please contact Amanda at amanda@jamesonrescueranch.org or 707.815.0344.


Success Story: Matilda

"I'm in tears with so much emotion. Our property management said okay to allowing Matilda with a larger deposit. What your program does is truly amazing! An absolute blessing. My sweet six-year-old can come home thanks to you.”

-Cheri & human kids (Jacob and Julia)