Stocks and Other Appreciated Assets

Show your compassion to Jameson Humane’s work through the gifting of stocks and other appreciated assets.

Donating these assets in lieu of cash can potentially multiply your giving with three primary benefits for you:

  1. Deduct the asset’s current value, not what you originally invested
  2. Avoid capital gains tax
  3. Keep cash in your pocket by giving non-liquid funds. 

We’ve partnered with Kelly Crane, Napa Valley Wealth Management, to receive donations of stocks and other appreciated assets.

To donate stock, simply send your broker a written letter of instruction authorizing the electronic transfer of your shares.  The letter should contain the following:

  • Specification of stock and the number of shares to be transferred from your account (be sure to include your account number)
  • Specification of transfer of stock to Jameson Humane brokerage account:

Charles Schwab & Co
Account #: 7832-1135
DTC - 0164, Code 40

  • Donor Signature
  • Jameson Humane contact info:

Arwen Gallenkamp, Development Manager 



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