Community Animal Assistance Program

We want to keep animals with their families, where they belong, which is why we created the Community Animal Assistance Program (CAAP). Every year, we ensure thousands of humans and animals are able to stay together because of CAAP.

If you need veterinary assistance for your pet, CAAP's grant program can assist with vet care. Complete a Community Animal Assistance Grant Application here to apply (all grantees are considered for up to 100 dollars, maximum).

We have identified several key areas that allow families to keep their treasured pets by providing a variety of solutions through both financial and marketing assistance:

  1. Emergency medical attention and surgeries
  2. Due to overwhelming need and the extreme shortage in veterinarians regionally, we have temporarily suspended distribution of Spay/Neuter vouchers. We have distributed a whopping 600+ vouchers this year already and would like to allow our community partners the necessary time to get ahead. Please check back in the New Year for a status update.  
  3. Vaccinations and microchipping
  4. Behavioral training
  5. Landlord required pet deposit
  6. Pet food and supplies
  7. Temporary foster in domestic violence cases
  8. Marketing assistance: website and social media


In the case where a human needs to surrender their pet, we can provide a courtesy post on our social media network. Although we CANNOT take your pet, you can leverage our large social network (40,000 followers combined FB and IG) to try and find a new home for your pet. Many pets have found loving new homes through this solution.

We will work with you to create a courtesy post for your animal and then post it on our social media channels (and website as well, when possible). Please click here to fill out a Courtesy Post form.


Also, we have a list of other animal rescues and resources in Napa County, Sonoma County, Solano County, and other neighboring areas. Some rescue all species and breeds, others focus on seniors or pets with health issues. Additionally, there are breed-specific rescues that focus on a single breed to match families with.

If you have additional questions, please contact our hotline at or 707.927.3536.

“What if you could save the life of one animal, by keeping your own?”

Animal Rescue Resource List