Feral Cats

A community cat is an "un-owned" cat that lives outdoors. It could be feral (unsocialized with humans) or stray (lost or abandoned with history of socialization).

Community cats are the shared responsibility of our community. Learn more about community cats here.

Napa County residents can go to Napa Humane Community Cats to view their excellent resources and information on how you can care or manage a community cat.

Feral Cat Help for Lake County Residents - The following resource in Lake County can help with pet food and may be able to give advice on managing feral cat communities in your area, including newborns. 

  • Animal Coalition of Lake County 707-533-7158

If you need assistance feeding an established colony of community cats, please contact the Jameson Humane Helpline:

Monday- Friday
9 am – 3 pm
Saturday and Sunday
11am – 3pm
*Please allow 24 hour response time.