The Joann Serafini Training & Behavior Support Program

The bond between humans and our animals is deep and meaningful. Like all relationships, there can be difficult periods. Many animals are surrendered to their local shelters due to these rough patches, which is stressful and heartbreaking for everyone. Oftentimes during these periods, there is difficulty managing behavioral challenges and resources can be tough to find, or financially out of reach. We understand that this can be stressful on both the animal(s) and their humans. Jameson Humane is working to help keep families together by offering the Joann Serafini Training & Behavior Support program for cats and dogs to Napa and its surrounding counties. 

Maybe there’s been a recent move or a change in schedule/routine, or there’s difficulty/stress at mealtime (resource guarding), a new animal or human in the home, or you “just can’t get your dog to calm down.” We all have something we can work on to become better, more confident, and calmer versions of ourselves…our animals are no different!

Jameson Humane would like to help keep you and your furry companions together by offering a complimentary 90-minute behavioral consultation, which includes a pre-appointment phone call to gather details and review your completed Behavior Support Questionnaire, in-person consultation, along with a 1-week follow-up phone call. In person follow-up appointments will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Should you live outside of Napa or the surrounding area, a Zoom/Facetime consultation is available, although in-person is preferred. 

If you and your animal(s) need help, please contact

For some video training tips, please visit our YouTube Training site:

This is a complimentary service.

"I love not man less, but dogs more.  Dogs are angels on earth that give us unconditional love, save lives, comfort, protect and soothe our hearts and souls. We are their guardians, protectors and beloved stewards.

My goal in life is to do what I can to love and cherish animals and nature. It’s overwhelming when you think of all that's needed but no matter how big or small our contributions or help may be, it's perfect."

- Joann Serafini