The Andy & Betty Beckstoffer Community Pet Pantry

Due to the pandemic, Jameson Humane launched Napa Valley’s first Community Pet Pantry Program in 2020. Given the severity of need, exposed by ongoing area-wide disasters, including the pandemic, fires, floods and earthquakes, the Pantry plays a crucial role in ensuring animal needs are met. Besides simply storing food for the animals, the pantry is used to house various supplies for animals, including leashes, collars, beds, crates, litter pans, cat trees, and ramps for those animals who need assistance.

 Andy &  Betty Beckstoffer have been supporters of Jameson Humane since our inception in 2014!  Their love of their Napa Valley community shines bright every day with all the lives they've touched  - both human and animal - through their generosity and philanthropy.  We are so very grateful to them for their 3-year pledge (2024-2026) of our Pet Pantry. The Pet Pantry proudly provides food and supplies to 1,000's of animals annually throughout the Bay Area.  

Thanks to Andy & Betty, this very much needed assistance lives on!  THANK YOU!  

All are welcome to The Andy & Betty Beckstoffer Community Pet Pantry for your pet's needs. Please check our calendar for times and dates of food distribution.

Jameson Humane is proud to collaborate with the following partners who continue to provide support for this program: 

  • CrossWalk Community Church
  • Greater Good Charities
  • Pet Food Express
  • Walmart
  • Safeway

For more information about getting involved with this program, please email