Guided by the connection among animals, humans, and the planet, we seek to improve animal welfare through global collaboration and education for the benefit of all life. Sustainability is a core facet of our work, both operationally, and in our educational programs and community services. Learn more about how we work connecting animals, humans, and the planet below!


What does veganic mean to you? At Jameson Humane, we express veganic as the process of transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle—one which excludes the consumption of all animal products including food, cosmetics, and clothing—in a holistic way and with outstanding support. We encourage a plant-based lifestyle, also known as "veganism," to grow from one’s interest in fostering harmony between animals, humans, and our planet.

Jameson is here to help those wanting to learn more about healthier living and has provided the following resources on how to get you where you want to be in your journey in a healthy, environmentally sustainable, and intrinsically non-violent approach. 

From the Founder

Veganic 101: A How -To Guide



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