Re-home a Companion Animal

There are many alternative steps you can take before surrendering or re-homing your pet. Here are some alternatives to surrendering an animal.

Behavior Training?

Tips and tricks to behavior training with your animal can be found on our website.

We also recommend using the following resources to find what works best for you and your pet. 

Sarah Thompson – Trainer/Owner K9 No Limits/Board & Train

Megan Alexander – Animal Behavior Consultant/Owner Common Sense Training

Napa Valley Dog Training Club

SFSPCA – Dog Training/Socialization Classes & Behavior Consultations/Behavior Training Resource Library – Pet Behavior Helplines

Animal Humane Society – Pet HelplinePet Behavior Library

If you need assistance with paying for behavior training for your pet, complete a Community Animal Assistance Program (CAAP) Grant Application here to apply.



We can help with pet deposits. Complete a Community Animal Assistance Program (CAAP) Grant Application here to apply.

Cost of veterinary care too high?

If you need assistance with paying for veterinary care for your pet, CAAP's grant program can help. Complete a Community Animal Assistance Grant Application to apply. All grantees are considered for up to 100 dollars, maximum. Grants are paid directly to your veterinarian. Please note that all applicants must apply for CareCredit and provide documentation that they have been denied credit. If you already have CareCredit and your account is maxed out, provide that documentation to us as well. 

Click this link to apply for veterinary financial assistance.

Additional options for veterinary fee assistance:

Courtesy post

Although Jameson Humane CANNOT take your pet, you can leverage our large social network (40k+ followers combined FB and IG) to try and find a new home for your pet by completing a Courtesy Post. 

Many pets have found loving new homes through this solution. This option generally requires 2 weeks before the post goes live, and another 4-6 weeks before guardians are able to find new homes for their animals.

Please click here to fill out a Courtesy Post form. 

For a list of other resources and possible options, please click here.

Death or Illness of human guardians? 

If you or another family member cannot keep a deceased family members pet[s], you can leverage our large social media network through a courtesy post to find them a new home. See above for details.