Honoring Our Mobile Veterinary Unit Humane Heroes

We are able to provide this critical service with a huge amount of gratitude and many thanks to our Humane Heroes, listed below. 


I think it is so admirable what you do as a service to people and the animals. I am forever in your debt for saving her life.” - Pumpkin's Mom

"You are doing such incredible lifesaving work." - Maverick's Dad

"I am forever grateful to the amazing vet and her team of angels." - Eisha's Mom

"Becoming a rescue partner with Jameson humane has allowed us, Kim’s Nurturing Nest animal sanctuary, the ability to make a huge dent in the feral cat population in our community. We are so grateful to the low cost spay/neuter appointments, love and dedication Jameson has shown to ALL animals. Thank you for sharing your amazing mobile vet unit with us. We are forever grateful."

- Kim Kunst, Founder/President of Kim’s Nurturing Nest animal sanctuary.


$100k Humane Heroes $2,500 Humane Heroes
Bill & Ginger Nemerever Hal & Lauren Brown
  Mark Carter
$75k Humane Heroes  James Cummings & Justin Mohatt
John, Jonathan, & Karen Pappalardo Kathy MacDonald
$50k Humane Heroes $1k Humane Heroes
Andrea & Chris Diamantis Anonymous 
Josh & Rachel Elkes,  Chris & Veronica Ashworth
Elkes Foundation The Core Training, Inc
  Brian Marshall & Carey Eberle
$25k Humane Heroes Fieldwork Brewing Company
Olga Aguilar & Jaime Roth Odessa Gunn
David & Meredith Griffin Colin Henry
Debra Mathy, Namo Wines Dr. Amy Herold
Marcia & Steve Miner Bert & Jane Inch
Lindy & Roland Oliva Patricia Mirabelli
Mary Catherine & Trevor Person Dona & Jim Napier
David Roth & Heifera Rutgers  Mimi DeBlasio, Bret & Coco Lopez,
Jan & Jon Zakin, Zakin Wines Scarecrow Wine
  Raymond Scott
$10k Humane Heroes Spottswoode Estate Vineyard & Winery
  Harmon & Joanne Brown Marlene & Martin Stein
Susan & Tom Fickinger Dennis Sterndahl
Joanne & Jon Goldstein  Todd Zapolski
Joann Serafini  
In Memory of Dale Houston Smathers $500+ Humane Heroes
  Ayco Charitable Foundation
$5k Humane Heroes Cromwell the Pig & Danielle Hanosh
John Cardente Daniel Jacobs
Parents of Obie, Nikki, & Bobo Robert Foley Vineyards
 Dave Peinsipp & Kristin VanderPas Sasika Mallach
  Erin Henry & Lucas Woolums


The Mobile Veterinary Unit (MVU)



What began in response to year-after-year wildfire and disasters, then pandemic, today, our Mobile Veterinary Unit (MVU) is one of the most critical assets to our community, providing affordable access to veterinary care including specialty surgeries to those who need it most in the Bay Area and beyond. With your help, we are making this service available to many more in need. Thank you to our Humane Heroes!

The MVU requires continuous support to serve as many people and animals as possible! Furnished with an examination area, fully equipped surgical suite, portable X-ray and ultrasound, microscopy, and in-house bloodwork lab capabilities, the MVU serves our many partner organizations, onsite and fostered Jameson Humane animals, referring veterinarians, and members of our community with services included but not limited to:

- Spay/Neuter

- Vaccinations

- Microchips

- Disaster preparation clinics

- Lifesaving surgeries

If you are inspired by our work and would like to support the lifesaving efforts of the Jameson Humane MVU, please contact Monica@jamesonhumane.org.  Your donation means so much!



Thank you to our grantors: