The senior pet wellness program is a prevention program, that supports the 50 pet companions of 45 senior citizens residing in Napa County, and who participate in the Napa County Meals-On-Wheels program. 


JARR currently provides

  1. Flea Medication (collars, topical)
  2. Flea environmental protection against fleas. (professional pest control)
  3. A percentage of veterinary medical expenses
  4. Litterbox cleanup service and litter
  5. A percentage for pet grooming
  6. Exercise for the dogs
  7. Pet food

Our goal is to keep the pet companion with their senior guardian by providing the support needed to keep the pet safe and healthy and thereby removing stress from the home. 

“I don’t know what I would do, or how I could afford to take care of my pet, without the help JARR provides.”
— Senior Pet Wellness Program participant


Contact: Brenda Burke at

Historical source: Paws on Wheels Pet Food Drive — History