10 years

9.5 lbs.

Precious, pint-sized and the cutest little diaper booty is our Jacquie. This sweet girl experienced some stress in her former home which caused her to lose some fur on her back and hind quarters but thankfully she’s now living the dream in a foster home with dogs of all sizes and she’s even growing new fur! Her foster tells us that Jacquie is super sweet, a very funny and silly girl and she loves stealing all of the large dog beds from her much larger canine housemates. This senior sweetie is looking for a forever home that will indulge her love of big beds, will take her out for multiple short walks daily and give her lots of love. Being an older girl, she can have a bit of incontinence sometimes which is why she is looking oh so cute in her diaper which she wears at night. Jacquie would do best in a home with a doggie door so that she can let herself out for bathroom breaks when her human companion is away but would also flourish in an attentive home where she would be given bathroom breaks throughout the day. With her new fur and the latest in diaper fashion, this girl is ready to meet her forever family.