Black Beauty and Willy

Farm Animals

6 years

Black Beauty and Willy have indeed found their way into our hearts. Beauty, a dwarf Black Angus, and Willy, a miniature Hereford, were rescued by a kind-hearted woman, and Jameson's own Volunteer Manager, Jennifer Romanek, who found them neglected. Without food or water for several days on a ranch near where she lived, she started providing what she could. As the weather changed, the cows were not only struggling without proper food or water, but were in mud up to their knees. Jennifer contacted the rancher who agreed to sell them to her. After a Go Fund Me and a call to Jameson, the cows were swiftly rescued. Once at Jameson, they quickly became favorites for their big eyes and easy-going nature. One of their favorite things to do is to eat sweet grain from a “bump” feeder. The cows bump the container and grain rains down—sometimes on Willy’s head! But that doesn’t keep Beauty from licking it off, which doesn’t seem to bother Willie, but his head hair looks very funny afterward.

Did you know that to care for and feed our two cows, it costs Jameson $2,000 per month? They would love a sponsor.