Cary Grant



16 years

Cary Grant was found by Jameson abandoned and confined in a deep muddy, debris-filled pen in American Canyon. Neglected and starved, Cary Grant has filled out the big, tall Warmblood mix for his breed. He is a 16-year-old Bay gelding with one hind and one white front sock. Although he is blind in his left eye and has many scars from abuse and neglect, he is very social, banging on his paddock bars for attention and food. Cary Grant now looks handsome, especially after being groomed. He responds best to patience, kindness, and persistence. Cary Grant is a joy to watch while being ridden in training or just cantering in the pasture with his long strides and full tail.

It costs $10,000 per month to care for and feed our horse herd, and this handsome boy couldn't be happier to have a sponsor. Will you sponsor him?