5 years

40lbs lbs.

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Meet Ziggy, he is a five year old, neutered Blue Heeler, that is currently living in San Francisco. Ziggy is a great dog, he is definitely an alpha, so he will need to be around less dominant dogs, cats etc. Ziggy's connection with his owner is precious, you will just have to be careful showing affection to others, he can get very jealous. He enjoys going to the beach, and running free, or using his big nose and sniffing all around his environment. He has also received training from trainers at Petco and knows various commands, especially if there is a treat involved. Ziggy loves meeting other dogs, on or off leash. He barely contain his excitement and his whole body will wag.

If you are interested in meeting Ziggy please reach out to Christina Lamoureux via phone at 203.233.3627