5 years

Dharma is looking for a quiet home with a fluffy window perch and lots of love to give. She’s a sweet girl who loves going on walks…prancing all around the neighborhood. She’s affectionate, is all about the neck scratches but also can be pretty independent in nature. She has done well when meeting large dogs on walks but prefers the company of humans. A petite girl (less than 10 lbs) with a big personality, she would be happiest as the only dog in the home and with some structure/boundaries she’s done well with cats. She has shown some territorial behavior over her food and her bedding…giving a warning growl but this behavior has been easy to manage during her time with us through setting boundaries and using treat work. Lots of promise with this smart girl! Since she can be protective over space sometimes, Dharma would do best in a home with adults only or older children who would respect her areas.