Mai & Tai



10 years 4 months

Maitaʻi, the Tahitian expression for “good” or “excellence,” reflects not only the delightful taste of the Mai Tai drink but also, in our case, two extremely beautiful cats!

Meet Mai and Tai, a pair of bonded 10-year-old sisters who have been in the care of Jameson Humane for the past two years. Sadly, they were surrendered to us due to their previous guardians’ declining health. Initially shy upon arrival, these lovely cats have blossomed and are now seeking a forever home adorned with cat trees, a scenic view, and an abundance of affection.

Social butterfly Mai, with her chinchilla coat in a beautiful shade of bluish-gray, complements her gorgeous chestnut-colored eyes. Tai looks very similar but has a white patch on her chest and toes and is a little more reserved when it comes to sharing her purrs, waiting until she has been given treats up to her standards.

If you’re interested in arranging a meet and greet with Mai and Tai (you don’t have to be 21+ for this pair!) or if you would like to learn more about them, please contact our Companion Animal Program Manager, Jaime, at They can’t wait to meet you!