Tulip, Petunia, and Poppy

Farm Animals


All named after beautiful flowers, these triplets are lovely inside and out! Tulip is sneaky and likes to fit as many apple chunks as possible in her mouth and hide them from her sisters for later. Petunia likes to decorate with sticks and will create a beautiful display for you and the whole block to enjoy. Poppy is sweet and loves to be in the company of humans. Have you ever heard of a lap pig? Well Poppy is your girl! In the dead of summer, they enjoy cooling off in a bit of mud. In the dead of winter, they prefer their matching jackets to stay warm. These triplets want to find a home cozy enough for all three of them, and in return will bring as much joy into your life as you do theirs. 

Petunia's son, Cowlick, would love to be adopted with his momma. Please see Cowlick's bio on the website!