Shadda & Stinky



7 years 3 months

Are you looking for a pair of bonded kitties? STOP SCROLLING and take a look at our two boys, Stinky and Shadda!

Shadda, aka, Shadow is 7 years old 3 months old and a sweet black fluffy kitty. He can be shy but once he gets to know you he is a complete love! He appreciates a cubby space to observe from and he also is very tempted by yummy treats! Shadda loves being brushed and would thrive in a quiet home/environment.

Stinky is 7 years old 3 months old and a GORGEOUS flame point fluffy Siamese mix. He is independent and enjoys head scratches when in the mood for lovin’. He's a mix of sweet and feisty. It is best to let Stinky approach you and initiate playtime as he is always ready to play when you have his favorite wand toy. He dislikes being brushed and would prefer not to live with any young children.

As they are brothers, Stinky and Shadda should be adopted together. They are both on a special urinary prescription diet. If interested in meeting Stinky and Shadda or wishing to learn more about them, please contact our Companion Animal Manager, Jaime at