4 yrs 1 month

13 lbs lbs.

Meet Casper, the epitome of elegance and affection. With a coat as dark as the night sky, this sleek black cat possesses a magnetic charm that draws people in. Casper's true joy lies in the warmth of human companionship, relishing every stroke and caress that comes his way. Not only does he adore being petted, but he also possesses an uncanny ability to put a smile on anyone's face with his playful nature and gentle demeanor. Alongside his love for humans, Casper seamlessly integrates into feline company, getting along effortlessly with other cats, making him a perfect addition to a multi-cat household. He is also bonded with his sister, Ash. If you're seeking a companion who will lavish you with love, bask in your affection, and seamlessly coexist with their fellow feline friends, Casper is ready to grace your home with his enchanting presence and endless devotion.