1.5 yrs

Hannah is a fun-loving girl who loves to show off her aerial skills during a wand toy play session and her stellar soccer skills with her ping pong ball. She may be a bit shy at first but after a few days of a warm-up period, she will show her playful side and all of a sudden surprise you by  flopping on your lap for some attention. She loves chin scratches, making biscuits and rubbing her body on everything, to claim all in sight. She will flop at your feet and stare up at your face, asking for pets with her tiny chirp meow. Her favorite places to hangout are atop her cat tree with a window view, preferably with a bird feeder outside, or next to you on the couch, a princess on her fluffy bed. Her foster shares that Hannah is the best mix of fun, snuggles, entertainment and love!