Meet siblings Odin, Joey, and Pinky! This kitten trio is looking for their forever homes. Although related and living together, they do not need to be adopted together, although adopting a pair is always recommended or having a resident kitty friend.

Named after the Norse deity, Odin is the careful protector over his two sisters. Sporting an orange tabby look - Odin has it all from looks, playfulness, silliness and tranquility! Pinky is the spokesperson of the group, notably known for her chattiness during mealtime or when she cherishes pets and attention. While closely resembling her sister, Joey sports a white chest and white paws. Amongst Joey’s favorite activities are playtime, perching on a cat tree for good views of the outdoors, and interacting with her kitty friends. These trio of kittens are approaching five months of age. If you would like to meet them in person or wish to learn more, please contact our Companion Animal Manager, Jaime at