8 months

 Meet Blankie, an 8-month-old Angora bunny with a heart of gold!  Super cuddly and adores attention from kids and adults alike; he especially loves nose/ear rubs and back massages.  He gets along famously with other bunnies; he has also become friends with his well-behaved dog companion. Blankie is never mischievous, except if the hay or alfalfa bag accidentally gets left open!  Grooming is a breeze, and he looks great with both short and long hair. Grooming is recommended for him every 4-6 weeks, which his current foster family splits into two 30-minute sessions.

If you are looking for a sweet bunny that loves perching on shoulders during TV time, consider adopting Blankie into your family!  To learn more, please send an email to our Companion Animal Program Manager, Jaime, at