Felix and Lucy



6 and 7

The perfect pair: Felix and Lucy, bonded pals, partners in crime, will bring endless amusement and feline therapy to their humans. Miss Lucy, an elegant seven year old in her "basic black" is the champion snuggler-lounger, although she's a match for Felix in the chasing and roughhousing department when the spirit moves her. Felix, a dapper six year old in his spiffy tuxedo, is more the daredevil. Scaling the heights? You bet. Footraces with Lucy? What could be better. Toy toss? He's your man. And then, of COURSE, cozying up for some good snoozing. This delightful team must stay together. But just think -- TWICE the fun! Contact Beth or Kevin (bethfitzgerald@icloud.com, 707-738-4624, kfitzgerald@global.us, 707-738-5811) to meet this delightful duo! 

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