6 years 9 months

Introducing Cheyenne, a magnificent canine with a heart full of love and a tale of resilience. Cheyenne may take some time to build trust, but once that bond is formed, it becomes an unbreakable connection. This intelligent pooch is a trainer's dream, quickly grasping commands and eager to please. A true food aficionado, Cheyenne's motivation knows no bounds when tasty treats are involved. But it's not just treats that make her tail wag with delight; belly rubs and snuggles are his ultimate source of happiness. In order to thrive, Cheyenne needs to be the only animal in the home, relishing the undivided attention and love she craves. If you're searching for a devoted companion who will reward your patience with endless loyalty, lots of wiggles, a snuggle buddy who will melt away your worries with a wagging tail, then Cheyenne is eagerly awaiting the chance to become your lifelong furry confidant.