1 year 7 months

Meet Basil and Pesto, two charming feline siblings who may not be suited for cuddles on your lap but are perfect for the role of barn cats. These handsome boys would thrive as barn kitties and are eager to take on the role of guardians for your property. Basil and Pesto, as their names suggest, complement each other beautifully. You’ll frequently find them in our catio, where they diligently observe birds and critters passing by. When not engrossed in nature, they enjoy playtime, chasing toy mice, and socializing with their fellow feline friends. While they are not accustomed or welcome being held or petted at this time, they will gradually warm up to their guardian over time. Although they appear identical, they are distinguishable by their unique features: Basil appears as if he's dipped his mouth in coffee, or some yummy wet food, whereas Pesto only has a coffee spot on the left side of his nose.