Our Future

The well-being of animals is a 24/7 commitment, and we now look to next year and the years beyond knowing that we can’t rescue our way out of the current dire state of animal welfare. For us to build a lasting presence, we need to create impact propelled by Jameson’s vision of education.

The capital campaign seeks to raise funds necessary for the construction of an impact and education campus. The campus will be used to create an instructional experience for visitors that tells a story about the interconnectivity of animals, humans, and the planet. Having this campus open to the public will help save, on average, over 2M animal lives per year, consequently benefiting humans and the planet through a net-zero environmental impact.

We have to change human behavior, not animal behavior. Jameson is in a great position to do this because we are the leaders of change. But we don’t pretend we know everything, which is why we partner and collaborate with the very best in the space. We want to share the love and energy that we found throughout our 6 years; we have the potential to do great things on a four-acre campus, and have people go away with an idea they experienced during their visit and affect further change. We will show the world a better way.

We are incredibly grateful to those of you who have been supporting us from the beginning of this journey in 2014, and for those that are just learning about Jameson for the first time and will join us on our new adventures. The road is long ahead of us and we hope you’ll choose to travel it with us. To learn more about the plan for our future and to get involved, please contact: Monica@jamesonrescueranch.org.